Justin Time: Fan Arts

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I've been working on this show called Justin Time for some time now at Guru Studio and honestly, I've been itching to do some fan arts for it for a good while. The show is designed and art directed by Brandon James Scott and with the help of Deanna Marsigliese who greatly helped shape the foundations for the character design in Justin Time in the production.

Without further ado, fan arts!
P.S. Sorry Brandon & Deanna, I asianfied Squidgy~! ;D

Set 01

Exclamation Mark!

Question Mark?

(animated gif - coming soon)


(animated gif - coming soon)

Dominance War V *updates*

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I've just created a page for Dominance War V and will keep updating it as the event goes. Also, I also have a thread in CGHub that displays my WIP and other commentary that people have provided. Cheers!

- Added page (April 07)

Pre-Dominance War V *updates*

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I've just added the Pre-Dominance War V challenge page that contains my work in progress. Page updates will most likely be on weekends since the works is being done during the weekdays with so little time.

- Added page (Nov 11)
- Updated week 1 (Nov 15)
- Updated week 2 (Nov 21)
- Updated week 3 (Nov 28)
- Updated week 4 (Dec 05)
- Updated week 5 (Dec 06 - Jan. 24)

site note: Sorry! I've totally forgotten to update after submitting! Lots of other stuff to take care irl!


FEZ Contest Process *updates*

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I've just updated the FEZ Contest page.

Added Process 1 (May 28)
Added Process 2 (May 29)
Added Process 3 (May 30)
Added Process 4 (Jun 01)
Added Process 5 (Jun 02)
Added Process 6 (Jun 02)
Added Process 7 (Jun 02 - *updated* Jun 14)


Welcome to K²-Art!

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K²-Art blog has official opened! *cheers*
This blog will be contributed to my personal artworks that is outside of the 365 daily sketches and my portfolio/demoreel blog. Hence, any random artworks and doodles comes here. ;D