Dominance War V

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Hey guys, I'm posting all my WIPS in here. I've currently joined Team CGHUB for the time of the competition. The thread can be found here.

Prologue and Inspiration - Here
Doodle and Sketches - Here

Prologue and Inspiration

===== God of Order =====
- Prologue -
For centuries, I've slumbered within my sanctuary that lies in the deeps reaches of the world. Every time chaos spread and teared the world apart, I would be awaken to perform my duty. For each step that I walked, order spread behind me and engulfs the world until absolute order has been reached. I then returned to my sanctuary until the next calling. After centuries of slumber, I've awakened once more only to find chaos has already spread to the very doorstep of my sanctuary. Unforgivable to see such folly ravaging the realms. I shall once again, bring total dominance upon this world.

Here are some sketches and doodles that I'll be doing over time. Unsorted really, but it's bits and pieces of explorations that I've done during the event.